Timex Health Touch With Heart Rate Monitor Running Watch

Model # 00007576


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Includes alarm. countdown and stop watch
Protective scratch-resistant hard mineral crystal lens
Round high-performance and durable resin case with digital display
Durable and strong resin 17mm wide strap with buckle
Water resistant to 50 metres
The Timex Health Touch is designed with a built-in heart rate monitor. meaning there is no need to wear a chest strap. allowing you to check your pulse with ease. Simply place a finger on the bezel ring to see your heart rate. Timex technology measures the electronic signals that pass through your body as a result of the beating of your heart. This measurement is obtained by the watch's two sensors located in the top ring and the case back. The case back is the primary sensor plate that measures these electronic signals off your arm. The ECG (electrocardiogram) measurement is taken when you place your finger from the opposite hand onto the top ring of the watch. This creates a loop across your body from where the watch can now determine your heart rate. The watch also features a integrated walk sensor. which monitors the swinging of your arm as you workout. run or walk to track your daily activities. To further aid in monitoring your fitness levels. the watch can also store calorie data to track your diet. A seven-day fitness diary allows you to review your progress with ease to motivate you in reaching your goal.